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Welcome to The Skating Club of Southern New England


Annual Skating Show "Going Places"  May 3rd 7pm and May 4th 2pm

Please let us know T Shirt Size (if buying) and if you are going to the after show party ASAP.

April 20 Movie Night Basket $100 Value El Rafuse (winner)Catherine (seller)
April 19 $25 Spa GC Norry Alves Sr.(winner)Alessandra(seller)
April 18 $25 LongHorn GC Felicia Weidow (winner)Jamie Lynn C (seller)
April 17 $25 Cibo Matto Cafe GC Todd Rynhart (winner) Lily (seller)
April 16 $50 (1 Month Fitness Club Holiday Inn Taunton)Jodie Braun (winner) Lainey Braun (seller)
April 15 $25 Longaberger Home Decor GC Donna Sullivan (winner) Saradonna Kuplast (seller)
April 14 $25 Panara Gift Michael Dubois (winner) Kaelyn Bourgeois (seller)
April 13 Olive Garden Brielle Fernandes winner and seller
April 12 $30 CG LIghtweight Trainers Abby Brown winner and seller 
April 11 Alex and Ani Bracelett Brianna Berube winner and seller

April 10 Showcase Movie Passes Sarah Hargraves winner and seller
April 9 Merrill laptop bag Marnie Cunniff (winner) Erinn Boehner (seller)

April 8 $25 Dream Sweet FroYo GC Becca Hargraves (winner) Sarah Hargraves (seller)
April 7 Alex & Ani Bracelet Liz Choquette (winner and seller)

April 6 $25 Bath and Body GC Raul Fernandes (winner) Brielle Fernandes (seller)

April 5th Serenity Hair Salon GC ~ Breanna Corey

April 3 ~ $15 iTunes Gift Card Carie Grace (winner)
 Kaelyn B (seller)

April 2 ~Merrill convertible backpack/messenger/laptop bag
 Veronica Coutte (winner) Julianna A (seller)
April 1 $50 CASH Kim Medeiros (winner) Jamie Lynn (seller)

Board Meeting:   May 15th 6:15pm Taunton Rink  All members invited

@2011 The Skating Club of Southern New England 

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